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Safe Work Method Statements

SWMS or Safe work method statement is the term given to a WHS document required by WHS legislation for high risk construction work.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures provide WHS information and safety instructions to manage risk when undertaking a high risk construction work activity.

Safety Management Systems

Implementing safety management systems demonstrates proactive compliance in managing workplace health and safety risks.

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Workplace Health and Safety 

Workplace Health and Safety set health and safety standards when it comes to WHS management.

Our WHS management systems and exhaustive safe work method statements and standard operating procedures ensure your compliance with WHS Legislation.

WHS Testimonials

“Very comprehensive, a lot of companies call this type of document a JSA "job safety analysis". Normally we only see something as comprehensive as your document when somebody has been injured".


Health and Safety Inspector, Workplace Health and Safety Qld.

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