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When is a SWMS Required?

  • If you carry out high risk construction work, you must ensure a safe work method statement is prepared before work commences

What is a SWMS?

SWMS is a legal document that sets out how workers shall carry out a high risk construction work activity, identifies hazards arising from the activity, and control measures for the control of risks.


Take the worry out of how to write a safe work method statement with our ready to use SWMS templates.

Safety Toolbox Talks

High risk construction work SWMS make an excellent toolbox talk topic for a toolbox meeting to discuss OHS issues.


  • Tool box talks improve safety culture

Controlling hazards and risks in the workplace

Effective controls to mitigate workplace hazards are contained in each safe work method statement.


Control measures for hazards in a safe work method statement SWMS include:


  • Design or re-organise to eliminate hazards

  • Substitute hazards with something safer

  • Isolate hazards from people

  • Engineering controls

  • Administrative controls

  • Use of PPE

Safety Packages

SWMS packages are the perfect subby pack as they include a WHS system and the safe work method statements you need as a PCBU.

OHS Packages include:​

  • WHS Policies and procedures

  • OHS Reporting system

  • Safe work method statements

SWMS Preparation

Workplace Health and Safety is currently preparing safe work method statements for numerous high risk construction work activities.​

  • WHS apply best practice hazard identification and risk control in developing SWMS

  • Find out more about forthcoming safe work method statements SWMS

Purpose of SWMS

Purpose of safe work method statement or SWMS is to set out in a logical sequence the high risk activities of a work task with:

  • Hazards identified

  • Risk assessed

  • Risk controls to ensure worker safety when carrying out high risk construction work

  • Implement and monitor work health and safety practices for HRCW 

SWMS Compliance

Safe work method statements authored by Workplace Health and Safety for high risk construction work activities assist with compliance with WHS laws by focusing on:

  • WHS legislative requirements

  • The elements of a SWMS (safe work method statement)

  • Control measures per the hierarchy of controls to manage risk

Safe Work Method Statement SWMS

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