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What is a Safety Management System?

  • Safety management systems are a systematic approach to managing OHS for implementing change in the workplace through consultative OHS processes to exchange health and safety information between line management representatives and workers

Benefits of a Safety Management System

Key benefits for you and your organisation of introducing a health and safety management system is defining and establishing:


  • OHS policies and procedures for health and safety risk management. 

  • WHS records management health and safety reporting system for benchmarking safety performance against occupational health and safety standards and workplace health and safety legislation.

What are the benefits of a health and safety management system?

  • Create a safe work environment

  • Improved health and safety performance

  • Economic cost of workplace injuries reduced

  • Positive safety culture

  • Positive workplace behaviours

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Chain of responsibility compliance

  • ​Reduced costs to train replacement employees

  • Lower workers compensation premiums

  • Strategies to improve business efficiency

  • Reduced insurance premiums

  • Improved public relations

WHS Compliance

A PCBU can demonstrate compliance with health and safety legislation by implementing workplace health and safety policies and assigning health and safety responsibilities as per the occupational health and safety objectives and targets of a health and safety management system.

Incident Management

Workplace incident management is the accident investigation of a workplace incident that resulted in death, serious injury or illness requiring first aid: 

  • Completion of an incident report

  • Worker's rehabilitation for a return to work

Managing Risks

Risk management is applying risk management techniques and implementing an effective risk assessment process to:

  • identify hazards in the workplace 

  • Assess and prioritise health and safety risks

OHS Consultation

Workplace consultation is a fundamental element of an occupational health and safety management system. ​

  • It is sharing occupational health and safety information and consulting workers on health and safety regarding implementing change in the workplace.

Benefits of health and safety consultation are:

  • Greater awareness and commitment

  • Positive working relationships

  • Employees identify health and safety hazards and issues

  • A PCBU shall implement administrative control measures to ensure the design of a workplace where it conducts a business or undertaking is safe and without risk to workers and other persons' health and safety.

  • Workplace health and safety issues shall assess hazards and risks with workplace safety measures per the hierarchy of hazard controls

Contractor Management

Contractor management is the undertaking of procurement management to select, manage, and monitor a person conducting a business or undertaking as a contractor or supplier to ensure contractor compliance with the OHSMS.​

  • An OHS Management system evaluation by a PCBU shall assess contractor safety management and determine by way of a capability assessment the effectiveness of risk management policies and procedures implemented by a contractor to ensure compliance with the duties of a PCBU as per WHS legislation.

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