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Safety Packages

Health and safety packages contain a contractor safety management system and safe work method statements particular to a construction trade


  • Save 30% when you buy SWMS in a SWMS Pack or 40% with a safety package that includes a WHS system

WHS Documentation

You probably ask yourself what health and safety documents do I need?


  • WHS Subby pack lets you manage risk effectively with workplace health and safety documents that comply with health and safety legislation

WHS Documents

Workplace health and safety documents for managing health and safety risks include:

Save time and money with our ready prepared workplace health and safety management system template and safe work method statement templates. 


  • Safety Packages that comply with health and safety legislation for high risk construction work activities

Health and Safety Packages

WHS Compliance is Simple

You supply your business details and logo, and we embed them in the OHS management system template and SWMS templates for statutory compliance.

  • We email you the ready to use health and safety package

All you have to do is

  • Complete the principal contractor details or PCBU details 

  • Specify the workplace address to which the SWMS relates

  • Nominate your contact person 

  • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace, e.g. risk assessment form

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