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Virtual Safety Consulting

Virtual WHS Consultation is a modern
approach to workplace health and safety.

  • An online OHS consultation is the
    ideal approach for any business size
    to get prompt advice

  • Save time and money with a virtual
    WHS consultancy today that can be
    done from anywhere

  • Book your WHS consultation with us today!

Workplace Health and Safety provide virtual safety consulting services for businesses requiring WHS compliance
Book Virtual WHS Consultation to Comply with WHS Law Online

Book an Online Consultation

Take the first step to a safer and healthier


  • Workplace Health and Safety offers a wide variety of services that make work health and safety compliance easier and more comprehensive

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What is a Virtual Consultation?

Do you want to know where your health and safety risks are?


  • Our team has extensive experience in providing industry-specific information, onsite assessments, consultations, and training for companies of different industries

  • We can advise on preventative measures to help avoid accidents and provide you with the training for your employees to do so

  • Learn everything you need to know about health and safety laws, documents, and policies so you can comply with the law


Not only will we lighten your workload, but we'll also save you time & effort in the process

Safety Measures at Workplace

If you are uncertain of the type of information you need to know about workplace safety, not to worry.


  • Workplace Health and Safety consultants provide remote health and safety consulting services, which allows them to work with companies on a one-on-one basis in order to help establish their own safety management program

  • We have the knowledge and expertise to make your work environment as safe as possible


Book an online consultation with Workplace Health and Safety now!

Online WHS Consultants Providing Safety Services for Compliance

Online Health and Safety Consultants

We know you have a lot on your plate. 


  • That is why we offer an affordable, convenient way to stay up-to-date on all of your health and safety needs

  • Get a fast and dependable workplace health and safety opinion, anywhere, anytime

Online Consultation

Workplace Health and Safety consultants provide online consultations using live chat, email, video or phone.


  • Let us take care of your workplace safety for you!

Online Consulting Services

Using our team of qualified & experienced health and safety consultants, you can receive expert advice in a safe and secure environment.


  • Our services include a virtual consult with a health and safety consultant to help you make informed decisions about your work environment

  • We are accessible via online consultation tools such as live chat, email, video or phone. So no matter where you are, our services are only a click away

Safety Consulting Services

Whether you need a consultation, advice on how to approach a problem, or getting an expert in the room for you for a day, we can help!


  • Get on-demand advice, expertise and guidance from a professional safety consultant

  • We can help you run a successful workplace health and safety committee meeting from start to finish

  • Safety consultants are available for on-call assistance with investigations and reporting

  • Virtual audits at your convenience, either in the office or remotely, with live video and audio streaming


Remote inspection services for work-related health and safety inspections, so you know which areas need attention

Easy Safety: Online Consultations Save Time and Money

Safety Made Easy

Why you should be consulting Workplace Health and Safety?


  • We're an online platform that provides access to the health and safety consultants from anywhere in the world, at any time of day


With a virtual consultation from one of our consultants online, you can get the health and safety advice you require when you want it

Benefits of Online Consultation

Online consultations are a convenient way to access health and safety advice. 


  • Regardless of where you are in the world, we can provide you with a virtual consultation with a qualified safety consultant

  • We offer the same advice as our face-to-face safety consultant service but with no travel time and convenience at your fingertips

  • You can also do your online consultations in your own time, whether it be in the office or at home during dinner time


Online consultations are incomparable to that of face-to-face safety consulting services and are just a click away

Save Time and Money

When you have a question about workplace safety, you shouldn't have to wait until the next working day — that's why we provide an instant and cost-effective consultation service online.


  • With a virtual consultation getting safety advice is easier and more convenient than it could ever be in person

Advice you can count on

We offer a wide range of consulting services to suit all your needs.


  • We provide safety training, risk assessment in the workplace, health and safety management systems and more


Find the right expert for you on our website.

Remote WHS Consultancy: Online & Telephone Safety Solutions

Workplace Safety is Our Specialty

We know that WHS is one of the most important aspects of any company. 


  • With our virtual WHS consultation, we are able to provide you with advice, tips and assistance for any issue related to workplace health and safety

  • There are many things that you can do to protect your staff and your organisation from harm

Online and Telephone Consultation

At Workplace Health and Safety, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from our online WHS consulting service to our access to the latest health and safety documents in the workplace.


  • We also have an online chat system for urgent inquiries

  • Our consultants are always happy to assist you with any queries you may have

Online WHS Consultancy Service

With our online consultancy service, our consultants will find a solution that suits your needs — be it through providing advice or giving recommendations for suitable documentation that will help you achieve compliance with WHS legislation.

Remote Safety Solution

Alternatively, if you prefer to speak with someone directly, we also offer an online chat system where you can speak directly with a consultant who can answer your questions or provide advice on how best to deal with any situation.

Health and Safety at Work Made Easy

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you stay up to date on all WHS matters, from online consultation advice to implementation assistance.


  • We help you find the right resources for your workplace safety and health needs

Save time, money, and effort

We are committed to making you more productive and profitable by offering a variety of services that are low cost, easy to use, and compliant with the WHS law.

Virtual Safety Meetings by Workplace Health & Safety Specialists

Online Consultancy Services

Workplace Health and Safety specialists can provide remote consultancy services to conduct workplace safety meetings, safety committee meetings, or toolbox meetings from anywhere in the world.


  • We help organisations with their WHS strategy and ensure that they comply with WHS legislation in the process

  • Whether you need a WHS specialist to conduct a meeting or you need advice on how to run one, we're here for you!

  • Our service is a cost-effective way of ensuring your team stays safe and healthy!

Virtual Safety Meeting

Online WHS meetings are conducted via Zoom for face-to-face consultations on workplace health and safety.


  • We tailor all our consultations to the individual needs of our clients, from those who require a full consultation to those who just need a quick refresher on their WHS obligations!

Safety Committee Meetings

If you don't have a safety committee or safety management system set up, we can provide you with the framework for creating one. 


  • It's more than just conducting meetings, it's setting up a system for your organisation to manage health and safety

  • Have your occupational health and safety committee meetings online while still maintaining that face-to-face interaction

Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox meetings allow you to discuss potential hazards or risks in your workplace with experienced consultants who can provide practical solutions to any problems you may have.


  • Toolbox meetings are for discussing specific or general topics that need to be addressed or shared with employees in the workplace

  • We'll provide you with the content to cover the meeting and conduct it remotely through Zoom

Remote WHS Investigations by Skilled Safety Experts

Remote Workplace Investigations

Workplace Health and Safety can help you conduct remote workplace investigations.


  • As well as our own in-house expertise in the field of occupational health and safety we can also draw on the skills of specialist consultants in areas such as engineering, technical investigations, medical assessments and risk management

Conducting Remote Investigations

Workplace Health and Safety will take care of your remote workplace investigation needs by interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, composing reports and presenting them back to the business in a timely manner.


  • The process is simple - just provide us with your workplace details, and we'll do the rest

Virtual Incident Investigation

We work with clients all over the world, so no matter where you are or what time it is, we can carry out a remote workplace investigation for you. 


  • And if it's an emergency, we're available 24/7

Conducting Remote Interviews

Workplace Health and Safety offer a virtual consultancy service that doesn't require any travel by clients or accident witnesses.


  • This makes us perfect for businesses who want to save money on expensive travel expenses or those who want to avoid putting their staff at risk

Virtual Investigation Services

We're professionals in this field — we investigate all types of accidents and incidents, interview witnesses, take pictures and videos of the scene, and offer a full report of the proceedings.


  • All that's left for you is to review and take action!

WHS Anytime, anywhere

We work nights and weekends, so if you need us, we'll be there on the other end of the phone or email for any emergencies that might arise.

Virtual Safety Audits by Health and Safety Experts for WHS Performance

Health and Safety Experts On-Demand

Workplace Health and Safety are experts in the area of health and safety compliance, having audited all types of businesses.


  • We can work with you to ensure that your business complies with the requirements of WHS legislation in relation to risk management

Workplace Health and Safety Consultants

Workplace Health and Safety offer virtual safety audits for auditing safety management systems, workplace policies and procedures, worker training, emergency response procedures, incident investigations and more.


  • Whether you're just starting out or need to update, we're here to help you

Let WHS Help You

Workplace Health and Safety will take your safety management system through the following steps:


  • Digital audit of policies, procedures and WHS records

  • Assessment of risk areas where hazards may exist, including potential accidents or injuries

  • Solutions developed to reduce workplace risks, with recommendations on how to do so - from management systems, training programs, safe work practices and procedures

OHSMS Audit Report

We provide a detailed OHS management system audit report based on our findings which will help you identify any work health or safety risks that may exist in your workplace.


  • You can then implement these changes into your system to create a safer workplace environment for everyone!

The Way Forward

Everyone should have access to high-quality OHS professionals who are able to help them get back on track.


  • We'll work with you to schedule an appointment at a time and location convenient for you!

Remote WHS Inspection: Time and Cost-Efficient Safety Solutions

Workplace Safety Inspections

Remote safety solutions for workplace inspections are rapidly becoming the industry standard, and it's easy to see why.


  • Our safety consultants are experts in conducting workplace inspections and the identification of hazards and risk assessment

Remote Virtual Inspections

Our increasingly technology-dependent world is making the business of health and safety workplace inspections easier than it’s ever been, with increased efficiency.


  • Remote video inspections allow the online consultant to complete safety inspections without an onsite visit

Workplace Inspection Services

Workplace Health and Safety is committed to helping you create a safe workplace for your employees.


  • Remote health and safety inspections is what we specialise in when it comes to workplaces

Remote Safety Solutions

Workplace Health and Safety provides a remote safety solution to help you stay compliant with the latest health and safety laws.


  • We offer flexible appointment times from within your time zone

  • We use remote inspection techniques, e.g. remote video inspection, to inspect workplaces and ensure your workplace is safe from potential hazards

  • We provide a detailed workplace inspection report of the findings for all health and safety issues in the workplace, including pictures and videos

  • We also offer a free consultation to provide you with a digital copy of your safety inspection report

WHS Saves You Money and Time

Workplace Health and Safety's remote safety solutions aren't just good for the environment but also save you time and money.


  • This is because we can provide a high-quality service without being physically present in the workplace, saving you money on travel expenses

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