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Steel Framing SWMS

Steel Framing Safe Work Method Statements focus on removing lightweight steel framing hazards and risks and implementing control measures for erecting steel framing systems undertaken by lightweight steel frame contractors.

  • SWMS steel framing are designed to provide clear, comprehensive safety procedures and instructions based on workers health and safety

  • Steel framing safe work method statements help you stay compliant with WHS legislation requirements and improve your company's credibility in the eyes of your customers

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SWMS Steel Framing

Steel framing SWMS are an essential tool because they can help identify risks before they occur, saving lives in the process.


  • A safe work method statement for erecting light weight steel framing should be tailored to the particular steel framing construction and identify potential hazards in the workplace, control risks by way of risk control measures per the hierarchy of hazard controls

Steel Framing Safe Work Method Statement

Light gauge steel construction is a high-risk construction work activity that requires SWMS steel framing, safe work practices and procedures and adherence to WHS legislation by PCBU’s, e.g. light steel frame contractors.


  • Workplace Health and Safety is preparing safe work method statements SWMS for steel framing

What SWMS steel framing interests you the most?

Safe Work Method Statement for Steel Framing

We understand that complying with health and safety legislation can be frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be anymore.


  • With lightweight steel framing SWMS, you'll receive a pre-written safe work method statement for steel frame contractors that will make your work easier and save you time

Lightweight Steel Framing SWMS

We are committed to achieving a safer work environment for our clients through health and safety in the workplace.


  • Our WHS experts have the experience and knowledge to write safe work method statements for lightweight steel construction covering all contingencies

SWMS for Steel Framing

Steel framing SWMS are specially created for light gauge steel framing contractors.


  • They're tailored to the needs of lightweight steel frame contractors and include content on identifying the hazards, assessing risks, following safe work practices, and staying compliant with health and safety regulations

  • You can implement our SWMS for steel framing on any construction project

What Needs to be in a SWMS

SWMS Statements are a critical instrument for implementing workplace safety requirements and for achieving a high level of health and safety protection.


  • Our SWMS safe work method statement includes hazard identification, risk based preventive controls to manage hazards, and the person responsible for each risk control


With our extensive knowledge of WHS requirements, we go above and beyond to provide you with the best WHS solutions when it comes to meeting your workplace health and safety obligations.

Safe Work Method Statement Steel Framing

SWMS steel framing focuses on identifying hazards, assessing risks and evaluating how to control risk, and includes:


  • Risk assessment matrix to determine the risk level

  • Hierarchy of risk controls for controlling hazards and risks in the workplace

  • SWMS steps to perform work task

  • PPE requirements per risk assessment for PPE

  • SWMS emergency procedures

SWMS Compliance

Workplace Health and Safety make it easy to comply with health and safety regulations.


  • We embed your logo, trading and business details (ABN) in the concreting SWMS

  • We email you the fully-ready-to-use concrete SWMS pdf, so you can start using it immediately

Steel framing SWMS are a great health and safety topic for a SWMS toolbox talk.

How to Fill Out SWMS

The steel framing SWMS template has been designed to comply with health and safety legislation to cover many aspects of managing health and safety for lightweight steel construction.


All you have to do to complete a safe work method statement is:


  • Complete principal contractor or PCBU details

  • Specify workplace address to which SWMS relates

  • Nominate a person to monitor, review and amend the SWMS

  • Complete safe work method statement

SWMS Report

A PCBU must keep SWMS records for steel framing safe work method statements.


  • Risk assessment form to record identified hazards, potential risks, and the types of control measures to be implemented

  • Change control management form to communicate controls for identified hazards

  • SWMS sign-off sheet is a sign-off process that facilitates the communication of risk controls to workers

Could you please provide us with some more details about the high risk activity for which you need a concreting safe work method statement?

Someone from our WHS team shall contact you to help.

Safe Work Method Statement for Light Steel Framing

SWMS for light steel framing is a document that safely and legally ensures that any high risk construction work is undertaken without compromising the safety of workers.


  • Steel framing SWMS identifies any potential risks in your current lightweight steel framing activities based on current work health and safety legislation giving you peace of mind

  • It also communicates essential workplace health and safety information about the project to those workers and their supervisors

Duties of PCBU

PCBU responsibilities imposed by health and safety legislation require a person conducting a business or undertaking, e.g. lightweight steel framing companies carrying out high-risk construction work, to prepare safe work method statements that identify hazards and control risks.


  • Work health and safety legislation imposes a duty on PCBU to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of workers in the workplace

  • Legislation for workplace health and safety applies to all employers, contractors, managers, self-employed persons and employees

What are SWMS

A SWMS is an administrative control that ensures the development and implementation of workplace safety measures before any high-risk work activities begin.


  • A work method statement is a document that outlines the work task process. It is used to break the task into manageable sections, identify hazards, and assess and control safety risks to workers


A SWMS steel framing provides step-by-step instructions to help protect light gauge steel framing erectors from potential injuries.


  • Steel framing SWMS includes detailed guidance for completing a work task with particular occupational risk factors affecting health and safety

Light Gauge Steel Framing SWMS

At WHS, we not only possess knowledge and expertise in lightweight steel framing safety, but we also work alongside you to develop safety documentation that covers all your needs and is tailored to suit your company.


  • Do you need a steel frame method statement or a specific safe work procedure for a light gauge steel framing system?

What is Work Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety (WHS) involves the management of risks to the health and safety of everyone in your workplace, including employees, customers, visitors, and suppliers.


A business should be prioritising workplace health and safety for many reasons, not just because WHS laws require it.


  • It can help keep your employees safe, enable them to work without risk of injury, provide them with peace of mind when they're at work and even improve productivity

Steel Frame Installation Method Statement

SWMS are often combined with risk assessments to analyse the risks of workplace hazards.


  • SWMS provide detailed workplace safety guidelines for known hazards and risks in the construction of a steel frame building system


Health and safety in the workplace is an essential aspect for any light gauge steel frame contractor.

  • Light steel framing erectors need to know how to protect themselves from injury on the job - it's not just enough to know steel framing skills

  • Ensure your employees are using safe work method statements, including risk control measures per the hierarchy of hazard controls to manage risk with our steel framing SWMS template

High Risk Construction Work SWMS

A safe work method statement for high risk construction work is a document that effectively sets out the light gauge steel framing to be carried out at the workplace, the potential risks arising from these high risk activities and how to control the risk.


  • A PCBU must prepare a SWMS for high risk construction work activities or ensure a SWMS has been prepared

  • Preparing a SWMS before commencing HRCW is necessary to ensure that the risks associated with the work are fully identified, assessed and controlled

Steel Frame Method Statement

SWMS steel frame installation are designed to comply with health and safety legislation.


  • Light gauge steel framing SWMS cover many aspects of managing health and safety for the different types of light steel frame construction, including hazard identification, risk reduction, and safe work procedures for reducing risks from light gauge steel framing hazards

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