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Workplace Health and Safety Documentation

Workplace Health and Safety knows health and safety legislation and WHS documentation requirements.
  • WHS Documents implement strategies to comply with health and safety legislation and meet legislative requirements for record keeping concerning OHS

Workplace Health and Safety

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Improve Profits

Improve profit by up to 10%.

  • Health and safety in the workplace makes good business sense and pays dividends.

Safety Management

Safety management system documentation makes safety management easy with the exchange of OHS information.

Injury Prevention

Safety isn't the absence of injuries. It is the reduction of risk. ​

  • Proactive management eliminates or minimises risk to health and safety.


SWMS and SOPS provide workers with step-by-step instructions for HRCW activities and routine operations.

Safety Culture

Creating a positive safety culture starts with safety management documentation to control risk. ​

  • Become a safety leader today.

Construction Workers

Health and Safety in the Workplace

What are the benefits of complying with health and safety legislation?

  • Improved health and wellbeing

  • Productivity in the workplace

  • Improve health and safety performance

  • Safety initiatives in the workplace

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Employee morale and productivity increased

  • Positive workplace behaviours

  • Increased social inclusion

  • Positive safety culture in the workplace

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Faster return to work

  • Improved standing among suppliers and partners

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Lessened threat of legal action

  • Human cost of workplace injury reduced

  • Lower workers compensation premiums

  • Compliance with WHS legislative requirements


Standard operating procedures detail health and safety procedures and safe work instructions for how to manage work health and safety risks when undertaking a routine work task.



  • Sets out the steps and processes to perform a given activity


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Safe work method statement or SWMS is the term given to a legal document required by WHS legislation to undertake high risk construction work activities.



  • Sets out activities in a logical sequence

  • Identifies hazards

  • Outlines risk controls


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WHS Systems

Implementing a safety management system demonstrates compliance with the obligation of a business to consult and communicate with workers on workplace policies and procedures for WHS. 

  • Commit to successful health and safety management


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WHS Packages

SWMS Pack encompasses the safe work method statements required by a PCBU for a specific construction trade.


  • Safety packages meet contractors health and safety requirements as it includes a WHS system and safe work method statements (SWMS) for construction and trade.


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