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You needn't worry about writing a SWMS or writing a SOP as Workplace Health and Safety writes safe work method statements for high-risk activities across all industry types.

Don't see the SWMS safe work method statement or SOP standard operating procedure you need?

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

WHS is preparing safe work method statements for the following high risk work activities:​

  • Asbestos removal, e.g. removal of asbestos sheeting

  • Building cleaning, e.g. roof cleaning

  • Building removal, e.g. building lifting

  • Cabinet making services, e.g. shop fitting

  • Concrete tilt up panels, e.g. tilt up construction

  • Concreting works, e.g. finishing of concrete

  • Confined spaces, e.g. work in a confined space

  • Demolition, e.g. demolition of a wall

  • Drainage systems, e.g. drainage installation

  • Excavation works, e.g. excavating trenches

  • Fencing works, e.g. erecting fencing

  • Formwork for concrete, e.g. formwork for column

  • Hazardous manual handling, e.g. lifting and carrying

  • Landscaping works, e.g. build sleeper retaining wall

  • Lightweight steel framing, e.g. steel wall framing

  • Painting services, e.g. paint walls

  • Paving works, e.g. laying pavers

  • ​Plastering services, e.g. plasterboard installation

  • Plumbing services, e.g. plumbing fit off

  • Roofing, e.g. roof sheeting installation

  • Scaffolding, e.g. scaffold erection

  • Site establishment, e.g. construction site set up

  • Solid plastering services, e.g. plaster walls

  • Steelfixing, e.g. cutting rebar

  • Structural steel, e.g. structural steel erection

  • Surveying services, e.g. setting out in surveying

  • Swimming pool construction, e.g. pool excavations

  • Traffic management services, e.g. traffic control duties

  • WHS issues, e.g. workplace housekeeping

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

WHS is preparing standard operating procedures for the following high risk activities:

  • Aerial work platforms, e.g. operate elevated work platforms

  • Compressed air tools, e.g. nail gun for framing

  • Concrete pump, e.g. concrete pump operation

  • Earthmoving equipment, e.g. excavator operation

  • Hazardous chemicals, e.g. chemical handling

  • Load shifting equipment, e.g. forklift operation

  • Petrol tools, e.g. trowelling machine

  • Powder actuated tools, e.g. powder actuated tools safety

  • Transportation safety, e.g. vehicle pre start checks

  • Welding equipment, e.g. oxy welding

  • Work at heights, e.g. fall arrest system

WHS Contact

Tell us a bit about the high risk activity you need a safe work method statement or standard operating procedure for, and a member of the WHS team shall contact you.

Safe Work Method Statements 

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Standard Operating Procedures 

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