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COVID Safety Plan

Every workplace must have a COVID risk mitigation plan to help protect the health and safety of workers and others, e.g. customers and visitors.

  • A COVID health and safety plan provides
    COVID health and safety guidance for
    employers to manage low to high risk activities
    during COVID

COVID is Changing the Workplace

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed how people live and work and will continue to do so for years to come.


  • PCBUs deconstructed jobs into 'component tasks' to examine which tasks can be performed by persons operating remotely instead of those needed at the workplace to reduce coronavirus spread.


In some instances working from home during COVID has become the norm, but for others, business continuity during COVID means returning to the workplace under a business COVID operational plan.

Health and Safety Obligations COVID

The person conducting the business or undertaking at a workplace has work health and safety duties for
managing the risk of COVID.
Workplace Health and Safety have prepared a COVID plan and risk assessment to assist with COVID 19
workplace compliance.


How to Reduce COVID Risk

COVID Safe plan legislation prescribes those persons who conduct a business or undertaking at a workplace must manage potential hazards and risks in relation to COVID 19 by:


  • Using a COVID app to collect the appropriate COVID contact details of persons other than workers, e.g. patrons per COVID legislative requirements

  • Advocating workers and other persons to observe physical distancing, e.g. physical distancing floor stickers

  • Coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting your workplace where there is a risk of COVID on surfaces frequently touched

  • Providing handwashing facilities or hand sanitiser for use by workers and other persons at the workplace

  • Notifying visitors verbally or by way of COVID 19 workplace signage to not enter, e.g. COVID safety plan in effect sign, if they are exhibiting any COVID symptoms

  • Having a COVID business plan in place that details how you, your workers and other persons, e.g. patrons, will stay COVID safe

  • Operating under a COVID safe checklist that outlines the COVID safety requirements for the business

Workplace COVID Plan

COVID 19 Workplace laws require persons conducting a business undertaking (PCBUs) to have a workplace health and safety COVID plan to manage risks from COVID-19 in the workplace.


  • A PCBUs failure to prepare COVID safe plan per COVID 19 safety plan guidelines may result in consequences for non compliance with health and safety legislation

Who needs a COVID Safe Plan?

Every person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) that relies on community members for their business is required by COVID health and safety law to have a COVID 19 safety plan and implement health and safety measures in the workplace for COVID 19.

What does a COVID safe plan include?

Unclear how to write a COVID safety plan?


If you need COVID safe plan help, Workplace Health and Safety can create your COVID safe plan using our COVID safe plan template that addresses the following areas:


  • COVID 19 Workplace health and safety policy outlining a PCBUs health and safety commitment to COVID risk reduction in the workplace

  • Duty holders roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the COVID safety management plan and COVID safe practices

  • Risk management strategies for managing exposure to COVID and risk of COVID 19 infection, and getting employees back to work after COVID

  • Physical distancing guidelines including physical distancing measures to minimise the risk of COVID from casual contact   

  • COVID Hygiene plan identifying COVID hygiene practices to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19, e.g. COVID hand sanitiser, covid face masks

  • COVID cleaning and disinfecting plan that identifies cleaning precautions you should take to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19

  • COVID 19 health and safety training for employees to identify potential hazards and risks in relation to COVID-19 and implement COVID control measures

  • Guidelines for workplace COVID contract tracing to record the COVID safe contact details per COVID 19 workplace visitor form required by COVID legislation

  • COVID 19 workplace restrictions on persons having COVID symptoms like common cold per health and safety protocols for COVID 19 in workplace

  • COVID safety response plan identifies the controls for dealing with a COVID 19 workplace infection and the COVID health and safety procedures

COVID Safe Plan Forms

Your COVID safety plan includes the required COVID forms to meet COVID reporting requirements per COVID health and safety legislation.


  • COVID contact tracing information sheet to record COVID contact tracing details of persons attending the workplace

  • Confirmed case of COVID 19 checklist per health and safety COVID requirements where there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 at work  

  • Workplace COVID risk assessment to determine the level of COVID 19 workplace cleaning where there is a confirmed COVID case in the workplace