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Tiling Safety Package

Tiling Safety Package

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Tiling safety packages are used to help with managing health and safety risks and creating a safe workplace.


  • It can be time consuming to manage all of your work, health and safety policies and procedures, and SWMS separately. That's why we bring them all together in one handy tilers safety package so that you can focus on your construction project


Work health and safety regulators, local government authorities, builders, and business operators often praise our WHS documentation.

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

    It's not always easy to ensure a safe workplace, but the benefits of having one make it worth all the effort.


    • A managed safety system can help reduce the occurrence of incidents and make things safer for workers
    • Other significant advantages of implementing a tilers safety package include increased safety, productivity and higher profits


    Tilers Safety Package


    We offer an exclusive tiling safety package, which includes a complete safety management system and all relevant health and safety documentation for tiling works, e.g. safe work method statements.


    • Our WHS Compliance Packages include everything you need to stay on top of your WHS responsibilities - no matter what type of business you're operating


    Workplace Documentation


    Workplace health and safety policies aim to minimise serious accidents, injuries and risks in the workplace. By assessing your business operations beforehand, you can establish the necessary policies to reduce the risk of these events occurring.


    • You'll need to conduct a risk assessment, create safe work method statements, develop a health and safety policy with a WHS management system action plan in place


    SWMS Compliance


    Workplace Health and Safety ensures that you comply with the relevant health and safety legislation and regulations.


    • Our tiling safety packages are flexible and cost-effective for the management of health and safety, as they are delivered as a turnkey solution that features all of the appropriate WHS documentation


    With a fully-ready tiling safety package in your inbox, you can stop worrying about your compliance and start focusing on the good things in life.


    • We add your logo, trading and business details (ABN) in the WHS system and SWMS for tiling
    • We email you the fully-ready-to-use tiling safety package, so you can start using it right away


    Your OHSMS and SWMS make for a great safety topic at work when doing a tiling toolbox talk.


    How to Fill Out WHS Documentation


    To fill out the work health and safety documents, all you need to do is:


    • Complete principal contractor or PCBU details
    • Specify workplace address to which occupational health and safety documentation relates
    • Nominate a person responsible for risk management monitoring and review
    • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace


    WHS Management System Template


    For optimal health and safety in the workplace, occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) regulate and address:


    • Compliance with WHS legislation
    • Workplace policies and procedures for WHS
    • Work health and safety responsibilities
    • Consultation in the workplace
    • WHS Risk management
    • Health and safety training
    • Safe work method statements SWMS
    • Plant and equipment
    • Electrical safety in the workplace
    • Hazardous chemicals in the workplace
    • Reporting hazards in the workplace
    • WHS incident investigation
    • Contractor management health and safety
    • First aid in the workplace
    • Workplace emergency action plan


    Workplace OHS Reporting System


    Reporting of an OHS management system includes:


    • Chemical register
    • Electrical register
    • Emergency evacuation drill evaluation
    • Emergency response plan checklist
    • First aid register of injuries
    • Hazardous chemical risk assessment
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) issue register
    • Safe work method statement form
    • Toolbox talk record sheet
    • Training register
    • Workplace accident report
    • Workplace hazard report
    • Workplace housekeeping checklist
    • Workplace risk assessment form


    Tiling SWMS


    To comply with the latest legislative requirements on WHS, you need to make sure you have a safe work method statement that states all the hazards and management procedures.


    • SWMS for tiling allows you to identify hazards and risks in the workplace, so you can plan how to eliminate the risk
    • Our tiling safety packages are comprehensive and help you save time and money. They have easy to follow safety compliance information


    Tiling SWMS Template


    SWMS for tiling includes identifying hazards, evaluating risks and implementing control measures to ensure safety.


    • SWMS Risk matrix to assess the level of risk
    • Hazard controls per the hierarchy of hazard controls
    • Safe work method statement steps
    • PPE requirements per SWMS and risk assessment
    • SWMS emergency procedures


    Tiling Safe Work Method Statements


    Tiling safe work method statements in the tiling safety package include:


    • Floor tiling method statement
    • Wall tiling method statement
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