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Extension Lead SOP

Extension Lead SOP

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The extension lead SOP identifies extension lead hazards when using an extension lead with risk assessed, and it includes control measures for the safe use of electrical extension leads to ensure safety.

  • SOP Health and Safety Information

    Extension Cord SOP 


    A SOP standard operating procedure for the use of extension leads in the workplace: 


    • Provides key safety information from the operational safety instructions on using extension cords both before and during operation of portable electrical equipment
    • Ensures workers can identify hazards and manage risks involved with the use of extension leads
    • Provides workers with information, instruction, and training for extension cord uses


    SOP Extension Lead


    SOPS document for using extension leads encompasses hazard identification, risk assessment, and control methods per SOP best practices. 


    • Extension cord safety for how to use extension cords safely per an extension lead risk assessment


    Extension Lead SOP Content 


    SOPS are specific to a process with the SOP content of the extension lead SOP addressing the health and safety issues relating to: 


    • WHS Consultation 
    • Pre operational checks on equipment 
    • Procedure for reporting faulty equipment, e.g. frayed electrical cords 
    • Safeguarding requirements, e.g. safety mechanisms fitted to rotary hammer drill
    • Plant design for electrical leads, e.g. electrical leads and plugs
    • Extension lead safety, e.g. covers for extension cords
    • Workplace hazards 
    • Work at height
    • Managing risks of hazardous chemicals in the workplace 
    • Hazardous manual handling tasks 
    • PPE requirements for using extension leads
    • Health and safety training for workers 
    • Workplace housekeeping 
    • Legislative and regulatory requirements 
    • Monitoring compliance in the workplace 
    • Includes risk matrix table 


    WHS Reporting Requirements 


    WHS Record keeping requirements and reporting obligations for compliance with WHS legislation obligate a person conducting a business or undertaking to maintain WHS records. 


    Health and safety records that must be retained for an extension lead SOP would include: 


    • Risk assessment form template to record unidentified hazards, potential risks and specific control measures 
    • Change control management form for the communication of controls to be implemented for identified hazards 
    • SOP Sign off sheet for task based activity to which the standard operating procedure relates 


    Ready to Use Extension Lead SOP 


    Save time and money with the health and safety sop template to use extension leads in the workplace. 


    SOP Compliance with WHS Legislative Requirements is simple 


    • We embed the business details and logo you supply in the standard operating procedure for statutory compliance 
    • We email you the ready to use standard operating procedure SOP 


    All you have to do is 


    • Complete the principal contractor details or PCBU details 
    • Specify the workplace address to which the SOP relates
    • Nominate your contact person 
    • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace, e.g. risk assessment form


    Safety Toolbox Talks 


    • An extension lead standard operating procedure makes for an excellent toolbox talk topic at a toolbox meeting
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