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Bricklaying SWMS Pack

Bricklaying SWMS Pack

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Safety packs for bricklayers are designed to address the safety aspect, identify potential risks, and suggest the implementation of control measures to overcome them.


  • This includes recommending practical safety solutions for any issues with safety precautions, such as lack of eye protection or carrying tools without a proper container
    • Bricklaying Safety Pack

      The SWMS bricklaying pack allows you to comply with health and safety legislation by providing a set of pre-written bricklaying safe work method statements.


      • Bricklaying SWMS provide construction-specific advice and content related to risk identification, safe work procedures for bricklaying and compliance


      Bricklaying Safe Work Method Statement Pack


      Unlike other SWMS providers that only offer a generic bricklaying SWMS pack, Workplace Health and Safety's exclusive bricklayers safety pack includes the following:


      • Bricklaying mortar SWMS
      • Cutting bricks safe work method statement
      • Loading bricks safe work method statement
      • Setting out brickwork SWMS
      • SWMS Brick lintel
      • SWMS for bricklaying


      Saving time and money is easy if you follow the safety procedures and instructions in your SWMS for bricklaying.


      • You can also save time by taking short breaks during your work day to help you remain focused. A little switch does wonders for your productivity


      Bricklaying Health and Safety


      The bricklaying safety pack is a comprehensive health and safety at work guide that will help you identify potential hazards in the work area, assess bricklaying hazards and risks in building construction, and provide control measures for hazards.


      Identification of Hazards


      The benefits of using a specific SWMS for each task in bricklaying work are that it allows for easy identification of hazards and addressing any possible risks.


      Assessment of Risks


      SWMS bricklaying starts by identifying the risks involved with brick construction and then assessing them using a formal risk assessment process. This gives you OHS information on how to control them and implement workplace safety measures.


      Risk Assessment Control Measures


      SWMS for bricklaying provides risk control measures and health and safety guidelines to limit the risks of bricklaying work.


      • You can use them to follow a logical sequence for risk reduction, starting with the most cost effective ones


      Bricklaying SWMS Template


      Unlike other safe work method statement templates, our bricklaying SWMS are dynamic documents that provide you with all the necessary information to protect your employees. It includes a list of hazards and measures to reduce their risks.


      SWMS for bricklaying focuses on identifying workplace hazards, assessing those risks and implementing control procedures as per best practice hazard identification and risk control guidelines, which includes:


      • A risk assessment matrix to determine the level of risk
      • Hierarchy of control measures to control hazards and risks
      • SWMS steps for the work task
      • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) per SWMS statement
      • SWMS emergency procedures for workplace emergencies


      SWMS Compliance


      Workplace Health and Safety make SWMS compliance a breeze. With a fully-ready bricklaying SWMS package in your inbox, you can stop worrying about your compliance and start focusing on the good things in life.


      • We add your logo, trading and business details (ABN) in the bricklaying SWMS
      • We email you a set of bricklaying SWMS templates, so you can start using them right away


      A bricklaying SWMS is a good subject choice when conducting a toolbox talk for construction.


      How to Complete a SWMS


      When filling in a safe work method statement for bricklaying, all you have to do is:


      • Complete principal contractor or PCBU details
      • Specify workplace address to which SWMS relates
      • Nominate person for SWMS monitor and review
      • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace


      SWMS Records


      PCBU obligations require a person conducting a business or undertaking to retain safety records for bricklaying safe work method statements.


      • Risk assessment form to record identified hazards, potential risks and specific control measures
      • Change control management form to identify actions needed to address identified hazards
      • A SWMS sign-off sheet is a document that facilitates the communication of risk controls between workers
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