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Carpentry SWMS Package

Carpentry SWMS Package

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The carpentry SWMS package or subby pack assists carpentry contractors with demonstrating compliance with health safety and risk management procedures.

Carpentry Safe Work Method Statements

SWMS purpose is to set out in a logical sequence the high-risk activities of a work task with:


  • Hazards identified

  • Risk assessed

  • Risk controls to ensure worker safety when carrying out carpentry in construction


SWMS Carpentry pack includes the following carpentry safe work method statements.



Carpentry safe work method statements include a WHS Risk matrix and sign-off sheets that comply with WHS reporting requirements for SWMS compliance.


  • Additional hazards, risks, and controls sheet

  • SWMS Approval and change management sheet

  • SWMS Sign off sheet

OHS Management System

WHS Management system implemented by a PCBU, e.g. electrical contractors, ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.


The health and safety management system addresses the following WHS issues in the workplace.


  • Contractor management 

  • Incident management

  • Managing risks 

  • OHS Consultation 

  • WHS Compliance 

  • WHS Issues 

  • WHS Reporting


The safety management system includes a workplace OHS reporting system that includes but is not limited to:


  • Chemical hazard assessment form

  • Electrical register

  • Emergency drill evaluation form

  • Emergency response checklist

  • First aid register

  • Hazard report form

  • Hazardous chemical register

  • Housekeeping checklist

  • PPE Register

  • Risk assessment form

  • Safe work method statement template

  • Toolbox meeting record

  • Training attendance register

  • Workplace incident report