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Blocklaying Safety Package

The blocklaying safety package is a comprehensive health and safety package designed to help you address health and safety risk management and create a safe work environment.


  • Combining our work health and safety policies and procedures and method statements into one convenient safety package ensures that your organisation can focus on your blocklaying project rather than the administrative side of health and safety

SWMS Blocklaying Package for blockwork contractors has SWMS for concrete block wall construction and a WHS management system

Safety in the Workplace

Ensuring a safe workplace takes a lot of effort, but the benefits of health and safety in the workplace are worth it.


  • Managed safety systems such as the blocklaying safety package can reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring and make things safer for workers and other persons

  • Other significant advantages include a positive safety culture in the workplace and better return rates on investments

Blocklaying Safety Packages

Unlike other occupational health and safety consultants, Workplace Health and Safety offers an exclusive blocklaying safety package that includes a safety management system and all blocklaying SWMS.


  • Our WHS Compliance Packages include everything you need to stay on top of your WHS responsibilities - no matter what type of business you're operating

The Right Way to Manage Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety (WHS) is not just about complying with WHS legislation. 


  • It's also about safe work practices and procedures that reduce risk, avoid injury, help your employees feel safer at work, and increase productivity

Safety First

The best way to ensure a safe workplace is by implementing the right health and safety management practices. 


  • Workplace health and safety starts with taking precautions against potential hazards or risks that can affect employees' well-being or cause injury


At Workplace Health and Safety, we implement the most effective WHS practices that will help you protect your employees.

We Can Help You Meet Your WHS Obligations

With our extensive knowledge of WHS requirements, we provide a strong foundation for you to go above and beyond when it comes to meeting your workplace health and safety obligations.

Health and Safety Management Systems

As a PCBU, you must comply with health and safety laws to ensure workplace safety.


  • Implementing a WHS management system is an excellent way to ensure this is happening

Managing Risk

Managing risks is one of the critical aspects of an occupational health and safety management system. 


  • A risk assessment identifies what hazards exist in the workplace, assesses the risk and then creates control measures to mitigate or eliminate risks

Managing Contractors

An OHS system helps manage contractors by defining their OHS responsibilities and ensuring that they understand their roles in relation to health and safety in the workplace.

Incident Management

The incident management process assists with responding quickly to any incidents that occur at work or in connection with work activities or events. 


  • When incidents happen in the workplace, investigating what went wrong is critical

Workplace Consultation

WHS consultation process enables a PCBU to consult employees per WHS consultation methods to identify and improve health and safety risks in their workplace.

WHS Compliance

Safety and compliance with workplace standards are important aspects of running a successful business and keeping workers safe.

  • Complying with specific OHS standards can have significant benefits to your business because of the impact on worker safety

WHS Reporting

The WHS reporting process is vital to maintain compliance with health and safety legislation in the workplace. 


  • It promotes the understanding of workplace hazards, as well as health and safety management processes, and helps PCBUs identify potential issues before they become serious

Blocklaying SWMS

With the blocklaying safety package, you'll receive a pack of pre-written block work safe work method statements that will facilitate your compliance with WHS legislation.


  • SWMS blocklaying are explicitly tailored for block work, with content relevant to block laying health and safety, identifying hazards and managing risks, implementing safe working practices, and ensuring WHS compliance

Blockwork SWMS

Unlike other workplace safety consultants, Workplace Health and Safety offer an exclusive blocklaying safety package, which includes the following safe work method statements:


  • Block lintel SWMS

  • Blockwork mortar SWMS

  • Blockwork SWMS

  • Load blocks SWMS

  • Setting out blockwork SWMS

  • SWMS Core fill

  • SWMS Cut concrete block

  • SWMS Rodding core


Workplace health and safety have created safe work method statements to help you comply with the latest WHS legislative requirements.


  • Blockwork SWMS identifies blocklaying safety hazards, so you can plan how to minimise potential hazards and risks in the workplace

  • Our blocklaying safety packages are comprehensive, have easy to follow safety compliance information, and saves you time and money

Safe Work Method Statements

At Workplace Health and Safety, our occupational health and safety professionals take the time to understand the scope of work health and safety for construction so we can create an effective WHS method statement.


  • Our safety work method statements can be implemented on any construction project


Do you need a job specific SWMS for how to lay concrete blocks or a particular block work procedure?

Safety Compliance Made Simple

Designed to comply with health and safety legislation, this blocklaying health and safety compliance package covers many aspects of managing health and safety in block work, including hazard identification, risk reduction, and safe work procedures for reducing risks from concrete block work.


  • This all-in-one, health and safety resource will provide you with everything you need for a compliant workplace without the need to hire a safety specialist or spend thousands on work health and safety consultants

An Easy-to-Use Risk Management System

Workplace Health and Safety offers an easy-to-use safety management system that takes the complexity out of managing risks to health and safety at the workplace. 


  • It helps you comply with WHS legislation, track health and safety performance, benchmark against national health and safety standards, manage your risks, and more!

A Complete OHS Management Solution

Our OH&S management system is a complete OHS management solution that reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace to zero by creating a healthy workplace environment where everyone works safely.

Practical Safety Solutions

Our blocklaying safety packages provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for the management of health and safety.


  • The blocklaying safety package is delivered as a turnkey safety solution that's easy to implement


We're always available to help if you need anything.


  • The WHS team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience from start to finish, we're committed to ensuring that your working environment is as safe as it can be


Blocklaying safety packages provide a cost-effective solution to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

WHS Management Plan

The safety management plan we provide includes many features, such as straightforward interpretation and custom-fit to each site's specific requirement.


  • Our OH&S management system and SWMS are more than blank templates that you fill in with your content and save on costs and time for your organisation

We believe in a comprehensive approach to work health and safety, which means we offer a range of services and solutions to help businesses comply with health and safety legislation.

Health and Safety Documents in the Workplace

You need to think about how your business functions and the health and safety measures you should put in place.


  • No matter what type of business you run, safety and compliance are essential

  • Your safety plan will help reduce the risks of injury and accidents in your workplace

Workplace Health and Safety Documentation

The workplace health and safety documents aim to minimise risks, accidents and injuries. By assessing risks, you put plans and policies, which help reduce the likelihood of these occurrences.


  • This includes having a risk assessment, creating safe work method statements, creating a health and safety policy, and putting together a WHS management system action plan

Workplace Health and Safety Compliance

Workplace Health and Safety make WHS compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements simple.


  • We embed your logo, trading and business details (ABN) in the WHS system and SWMS

  • We email you the fully-ready-to-use bricklaying safety package, so you can start using it immediately


Your OHSMS and SWMS make for an excellent topic for toolbox talk when conducting a bricklaying toolbox talk.

How to Fill Out WHS Documents

All you have to do when filling out the work health and safety documents is:


  • Complete principal contractor or PCBU details 

  • Specify workplace address to which health and safety documentation relates

  • Nominate person responsible for risk management monitoring and review

  • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace

Health and Safety Documentation

WHS documents are well-received by health and safety regulators, local government authorities, principal contractors, and health and safety managers.

OHSMS Template

Work health and safety management system focuses on the management of risk and addresses: 


  • Compliance with health and safety legislation

  • Organisational policies and procedures

  • Occupational health and safety responsibilities

  • Workplace health and safety consultation

  • OHS Risk management

  • Workplace health and safety training 

  • Safe work method statements

  • Plant and equipment

  • Electrical safety in the workplace 

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Hazard reporting 

  • Workplace incident investigation

  • Contractor safety management

  • First aid requirements in the workplace 

  • Emergency action plan

OHS Reporting System

Safety management system reporting includes:


  • Electrical equipment register

  • Emergency drill evaluation

  • Emergency response checklist

  • First aid register

  • Hazard notification

  • Hazardous chemical register

  • Hazardous chemical

  • Housekeeping checklist

  • Incident investigation report

  • Personal protective equipment issuing register

  • Risk assessment

  • Safe work method statement

  • Tool box talk record

  • Training attendance register

Blocklaying Template

SWMS block work focuses on identifying hazards, assess risks, and implement control measures to ensure safety.


  • Risk assessment matrix to determine risk level

  • Hierarchy of controls for the control of hazards

  • Safe work method statement steps

  • PPE requirements per SWMS risk assessment

  • SWMS emergency procedures

SWMS Reporting

Health and safety records that must be kept for a SWMS related to blocklaying safety would include:


  • Workplace risk assessment form

  • Change control management form

  • SWMS sign off sheet

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