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Blocklaying SWMS Pack

The blocklaying SWMS pack consists of a set of safe work method statements that provide health and safety guidelines for the most common work tasks for block wall construction to minimise potential risks and hazards.


  • The blocklaying SWMS value pack saves time and money by providing you with method statements for block work, setting a minimum safety standard to protect both expert and novice workers

SWMS Blocklaying Pack has safe work method statements for block work in construction undertaken by block wall contractors

Blocklaying Safe Work Method Statement Pack

With the blocklaying SWMS pack, you'll receive a pack of pre-written block work safe work method statements that will facilitate your compliance with health and safety legislation.


  • Blocklaying SWMS are tailored specifically for blockwork, with content relevant to the blocklaying industry, including hazard identification, safe work practices, and safety compliance

Blockwork SWMS Pack

Unlike other SWMS providers, Workplace Health and Safety offer an exclusive blocklaying SWMS pack, which includes the following:


  • Blocklaying SWMS

  • Blockwork lintel SWMS

  • Core fill SWMS

  • Cut concrete block SWMS

  • Loading blocks SWMS

  • Mortar SWMS

  • Rodding core SWMS

  • Set out blockwork SWMS


Save a lot of time and money on your work activities by following the safety procedures and instructions in your block laying SWMS.

Safe Work Method Statements

You can use our safe work method statements on construction projects of any size. Choose from one of our ready to use SWMS packs or ask us to create a specific SWMS for you.


  • Our OHS professionals have the expertise, knowledge, and understanding of work health and safety to prepare a well-researched, safe work method statement for high risk construction work that complies with WHS legislation requirements


Do you need a task specific safe work method statement for a blocklaying work task or a block wall construction method?

How to Keep Your
Workers Safe

Blocklaying SWMS pack is a comprehensive health and safety at work guide that will help you identify potential hazards in the work area and assess the risks in a block wall construction task before undertaking the work. 


  • It will also help you plan and implement control measures to control risks in the concrete block wall construction process and ensure the health and safety of workers

Hazards Identified

A blockwork SWMS identifies the hazards in blocklaying, so you can plan how to minimise potential risks and hazards.


  • Workplace Health and Safety recommend that you use a specific SWMS for each task of the concrete block construction process, as it makes the process of hazard identification and risk reduction easy

Risk Assessed

SWMS blocklaying starts by identifying risks associated with besser block wall construction, then assesses the risks using an established risk assessment methodology.


  • This gives you OHS information about how to control risks and implement workplace safety measures

Risk Controls Applied

There are 5 risk control measures, with each of the 5 control measures having their scope and applicability to reduce risks to health and safety in the workplace.


  • By using the hierarchy of control measures, risks to health and safety can be better controlled

  • Each type of risk control is specifically designed for one risk type, providing additional protection or further reducing potential hazards and the likelihood of risk occurring


Block work SWMS formulates all these risk controls into a logical sequence to provide best practice guidance for undertaking block masonry construction safely.

Workplace Safety

With work health and safety, we're not just talking about complying with health and safety laws.


  • We're also talking about the importance of safe work practices and procedures that reduce risk and go beyond WHS compliance requirements to ensure a safe workplace for employees

High Risk Construction Work

Construction work that involves a high level of risk is a term that relates to a range of high risk construction work activities including, but not limited to, construction sites, demolition sites, construction machinery and vehicles.

WHS Compliance Requirements

As a person conducting a business or undertaking, you have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of your employees while they're on site.


  • Work health and safety laws impose PCBU WHS responsibilities to prepare, keep, comply with and review safe work method statements for high risk construction work that the PCBU is undertaking


Workplace Health and Safety provide block work safe work method statements that can eliminate or reduce risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

WHS Training Requirements

Block work safe work method statements enable employers and PCBUs to implement health and safety training to make workers aware of the hazards and risks per the safe work procedure for block laying.


  • Block work safe work method statements provide guidance and education on safety, such as how to prevent slips, trips, falls, unsafe heights, unstable scaffolding, unsafe tools, noise, dust and the like

Consultation with Employees

Under the WHS Act, a PCBU must consult with workers before making decisions on workplace health and safety issues to amend SWMS per the SWMS review process.


  • WHS consultation helps to identify risks in the workplace and minimise any potential risks

Blocklaying SWMS Template

Unlike other safe work methods statements, our SWMS are not blank templates that you fill in with your content. 


  • SWMS statement identifies the hazards and includes risk based preventive controls to manage risks


SWMS block work focuses on hazard identification, risk assessment and control procedures per best practice guidelines for how to write a SWMS and includes: 


  • Risk assessment matrix to determine risk level

  • Hierarchy of controls for the control of hazards

  • Safe work method statement steps

  • PPE requirements per SWMS risk assessment

  • SWMS emergency procedures

Compliant SWMS

Workplace Health and Safety make SWMS Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements simple.


  • We embed your logo, trading and business details (ABN) in the blocklaying SWMS

  • We email you the fully-ready-to-use blocklaying SWMS pack, so you can start using it immediately


An SWMS blocklaying makes for an excellent tool box talk topic when conducting blocklaying toolbox talks.

How to Fill Out a SWMS

All you have to do when filling out a safe work method statement is:


  • Complete principal contractor or PCBU details 

  • Specify workplace address to which SWMS relates

  • Nominate person for SWMS monitor and review

  • Complete WHS/OHS forms used in the workplace

SWMS Reporting

A PCBU must retain health and safety records for block work safe work method statements.


  • Risk assessment form to record identified hazards, potential risks and specific control measures

  • Change control management form to communicate controls to be implemented for identified hazards

  • SWMS sign off sheet is a sign-off
    process that facilitates the
    communication of controls to

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