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What is WHSMS?

WHSMS is exclusive to workplace health and safety.

Amalgamate the objectives of an occupational health and safety management system with that of a quality management system and the result is a manageable OHS management system able to be implemented on a global basis by any industry.


Workplace health and safety identified that the source of an organisation's subsistence was being diminished by financial penalties, payouts and associated defence representation costs.


Industry to date has not been equipped with appropriate administrative tools capable of monitoring occupational health and safety performance real time.

Focusing on a solution

As part of the overall risk management process, consultation between industry leaders and workplace health and safety was undertakenin bringing the cutting edge WHSMS to fruition.

Focus groups identified the needto remove the complexity and confusion of managing health and safety at the workplace.

Industry determined for an OHS management system to be effective and efficient it needed to have the following attributes.

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  • Manageable for any size workforce or workplace.
  • Updatable and maintained to always ensure one version, one system.
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  • Easily accessible by all employees.
  • Recordable and notifiable of ohs issues in a ** Page link error: Page with code Purchase-OHS-Management-system_Real_time_communication does not exist ** format.
  • Retrievability of information and records at any time.
  • Security to ensure data and records are not lost or destroyed.

The solution

In response to global regulation and the ever-increasing duties and obligations imposed upon persons and organisations in the conduct of a business, workplace health and safety did develop ** Page link error: Page with code Purchase-OHS-Management-system_One_integrated_management_system does not exist **.

WHSMS is an innovative OHS management system meeting the needs of industry. Communication with employees has never been easier. WHSMS communicates and ** Page link error: Page with code Purchase-OHS-Management-system_Reporting does not exist ** information from any web capable device.

  • An organisation can feel confident in the fulfillment of their safety duties and obligations when using WHSMS.


There are no additional costs or charges incurred by users for the development, improvement or amendment of WHSMS.

Workplace health and safety is committed to the continual development and improvement of WHSMS and its associated reporting mechanisms to ensure industry is provided with a world class OHS management system.


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