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 Safe Work Method Statements, SWMS's, JSA's, SWP's, SOP's - Save up to 20%  

Block laying SWMS's

Cleaning and rodding of blocks

Construction of lintels

Core filling of masonry blocks

Cutting of masonry blocks

Handling, lifting and loading of blocks

Laying of masonry blocks

Mixing of mortar and loading to boards

Planning and set-out

Bricklaying SWMS's

Cleaning of bricks

Cutting of bricks

Handling, lifting and loading of bricks

Laying of bricks

Lintel construction

Mixing of mortar and loading to boards

Planning and set-out

Carpentry SWMS's

Construction of timber framed deck

Erection of roof trusses

Erection of timber framed flooring systems

Erection of timber wall framing

Fibre cement sheeting

Cutting & fixing of external timber cladding

Fix-out of internal areas

Hanging a door

Concreting SWMS's

Finishing concrete - Trowels, screeds, floats

Finishing concrete - Troweling machine

Placement of concrete - Concrete pump

Placement of concrete - Truck

Placement of concrete - Wheelbarrow

Electrical SWMS's

Cleaning and gluing of PVC conduits

Cutting of PVC conduits

Earthing electrical equipment

Electrical safety spotter

Erection of cable tray/ladder systems

Energizing of electrical switchboard

Fit-off of electrical equipment

Installation of cables to conduits

Lifting of electrical switchboard

Live electrical work

Test & commissioning of electrical systems

Working in ceilings

Excavation works SWMS's

Barricading of work area

Clearing of site

Drilling of bored piers

Drilling of deadman anchors

Excavation of earth

Excavation of footings

Excavation of trenches for services

General safety issues

Movement of plant

Set-out of excavation works

Work in vicinity of services

General safety SWMS's


Lifting slings

Manual handling

Shiftwork and fatigue

Unattended business premises

Working outdoors

Ladder SWMS's

Extension ladder

Step ladder

Landscaping SWMS's

Rock retaining walls

Plant SWMS's

Backhoe SWMS's

Excavation of earth

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Loading and unloading

Operation of backhoe

Pre-operational inspection

Drott SWMS's

Excavation of earth

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Loading and unloading

Operation of drott

Pre-operational inspection

Excavator SWMS's

Excavation of earth

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Loading and unloading

Operation of excavator

Pre-operational inspection

Grader SWMS's

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Loading and unloading

Operation of grader

Pre-operational inspection

Skid steer loader SWMS's

Excavation of earth

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Loading and unloading

Operation of skid steer loader

Pre-operational inspection


Accessing areas from EWP

General operation of EWP

Loading and unloading of EWP

Positioning and set-up of EWP

Pre-operational inspection

Safety harness

Forklift truck SWMS's

Conditions of operation

Operation of forklift

Pre-operational inspection

Slinging and lifting of loads

Scissor lift SWMS's

Accessing areas from scissor lift

General operation of scissor lift

Loading and unloading of scissor lift

Positioning and set-up of scissor lift

Pre-operational inspection

Plasterboard SWMS's

Cutting of furring channel

Cutting of metal studs

Fix plasterboard ceiling sheets

Fix plasterboard wall sheets

Plumbing SWMS's

Cleaning and gluing of PVC pipes

Cutting of copper pipes

Cutting of PVC pipe

Fit-off plumbing systems & components

Jointing and brazing of copper pipes

Scaffolding SWMS's

Erecting mobile scaffold

Mobile scaffold safety

Steel reinforcement SWMS's

Cutting of steel reinforcement

Structural steel erection SWMS's

Erection of bracing

Erection of columns

Erection of purlins and bridging

Erection of roof rafters

Erection of structural steel frame

Erection of wall girts

Mechanical handling of components

Preparation and planning

Set up of anchor bolts

Tiling SWMS's

Lay floor tiles

Lay wall tiles

Vehicle SWMS's

Accessing motor vehicle

Changing a tyre

Driver fatigue

Driving rules

Operating noise

Pre-operational inspection

Seating and controls

Vehicle Load SWMS's

Direct restraint of loads

Lashing loads - Chains and tensioners

Lashing loads - Ropes

Lashing loads - Webbing strap assemblies

Load distribution

Over dimensional loads

Unloading of loads

Rubbish collection vehicle

Loading of rubbish manually

Operation of collection vehicle

Trailer SWMS's

Coupling/uncoupling of trailer

Coupling and uncoupling of multiple trailers

Tool SWMS's

Electrical tool SWMS's

Air blower / vacuum

Angle grinder

Bench rip saw

Brick saw

Circular saw

Concrete vibrator

Cordless drill


Drop saw

Electrical extension leads

Impact wrench



Radial arm docking saw

Rotary hammer drill

Sabre saw


Screw gun

Thicknesser / planer

Petrol tool SWMS's


Concrete vibrator

Mechanical troweling machine

Quickcut saw

Welding equipment SWMS's

Operation of ARC Welder

Operation of oxy-acetylene equipment

Operation of TIG Welder

Traffic control SWMS's

Vehicle and pedestrian control

Working at heights SWMS's

Fall prevention SWMS's

Anchorage points

General purpose safety harness

Static line


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