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Reduce absenteeism increase profits

Absenteeism is an issue for every Australian business. It reduces productivity. It reduces profit. It can also impact on worker morale.

  • WHSMS can help you reduce absenteeism in your business.

Increased access to information to tackle issues early

OHSMS empowers you to manage your work health and safety program more efficiently, and with more access to vital information about any incidents that do occur.

  • This information is priceless. It helps you undertake risk assessment and risk management, and identify any areas that need immediate mitigation activities.
  • As you have real-time access to the system, any absenteeism issue can be identified early and acted upon.

View a demo of the system to see first-hand the information that will be at your fingertips. Contact us.

A safer workplace makes employees happy

No one likes working in an unsafe workplace.

When workplace health and safety is poorly managed and hazards are not identified, bad things happen. Accidents occur, morale becomes low, and people don't enjoy turning up for work.

Unsafe sites quickly get a reputation in the industry, making it harder and harder to attract good workers.

  • By using WHSMS as your workplace health and safety system, you will be in control. You will be able to proactively manage WHS activities. The workplace will be safe.
  • Your workers will notice too. They will gain confidence in your ability to tackle any issues before they get out of control.
  • They will be happy. They will turn up for work. You won't have an absenteeism problem.


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