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Frequently asked questions

This section of the website provides persons with information as to frequently asked questions in relation to WHSMS and how the system will assist an organisation to achieve an effective and manageable occupational health and safety system, which can be implemented on a global basis for all organisations.

Workplace health and safety is who?

Workplace Health and Safety is the recognised occupational health and safety authority as we avail industry and organisations with innovative solutions having respect to the needs of occupational health and safety whilst incorporating the requirements and functionality of a quality management system to provide the correct results.

What is WHSMS?

WHSMS is the most advanced occupational health and safety management system, in the that it constantly measures and monitors the OHS performance of an organisation through its unique data reporting and tracking mechanisms.

What is WHSMS and how does it work?

WHSMS is undeniably the only occupational health and safety management system able to be implemented on a global scale, no matter whether an organisation is a sole trader or a multinational organisation.

  • WHSMS is totally manageable by your personnel online via any current web capable device. Real-time delivery and collection of information.

Accessing WHSMS

WHSMS is only accessible via a user licence agreement, and is an online interactive system, that avails a user immediate access to the most comprehensive OHS Management System that is compliant with the requirements of statute legislation and that of recognised occupational health and safety standards and industry practices.

What do I get in WHSMS?

We provide you the user with the web based tools such that all you have to do is input information into the online interactive WHSMS reporting mechanisms and associated documents.

The WHSMS database stores all of your inputted information, and measures the occupational health and safety performance of the organisation against set objectives and targets, which is then able to be generated into reviewable and retrievable report format.

  • Peace of mind should your computer operating system or hard drive fail, as you can retrieve your data held on our secure database server, located in Australia's largest secure data centre.

Who is a user?

A user can be any person that owes a safety duty in association with the conduct of your organisations business undertaking.

WHSMS has over 3000 user classifications. There is no confusion as to what information can be collected and shared as each user is assigned a different level of access.

Access for the sharing and collection of information can be assigned to:

  • Employees;
  • Health and safety managers, officers and representatives;
  • Line management personnel;
  • Contractors;
  • Suppliers;
  • Clients;
  • Regulators, unions, lawyers and insurers etc.

Is WHSMS easy to use?

Yes if you can use a mobile phone you can use WHSMS.

Content is easily navigated, that way you have the correct information without having to spend hours searching for the information.

What advantage has WHSMS over our own in house system?

Most organisations develop an occupational health and safety management system typically produced in a hardcopy format that sits on the shelf until such time as a workplace incident occurs or an inspector attends the workplace.

An in house system is rarely or never amended as it becomes all too time-consuming to read and digest the amendments in the ever-changing statute health and safety legislation, and then there is the having to issue amendments to the organisational documentation and rescind obsolete documents. What a nightmare.

  • When WHSMS is implemented proficiently by an organisation, it becomes an integral component of the organisational business structure. WHSMS permits a user at any time to retrieve records and monitor and measure occupational health and safety performance against set objectives and targets.

Can I use WHSMS with my current OHS system

Our unique WHSMS is incomparable to any other occupational health and safety management system, as such it cannot be used or incorporated with any other OHS management system developed by another organisation or body.

One controlled system

There can be no confusion to users as WHSMS is a controlled system that provides a user with the most accurate and pertinent information pertaining to the management of workplace health and safety within an organisation.

  • WHS constantly monitors and amends our management systems to reflect changes imposed by statute legislation and that of occupational health and safety standards and industry practices.

Will I be protected from prosecution and will workplace health and iafety indemnify our company?

When implemented, the initiatives of WHSMS offers a safeguard to an employer against potential litigious action, yet this is only achievable where the user is able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt to a regulator or statute authority that they did everything practicable to ensure the health and safety of persons whilst at a workplace where the organisation conducts its business undertaking.

We cannot indemnify nor can we protect a company from a potential prosecution by a regulator or statute authority as we are not responsible for the implementation of WHSMS within an organisation.

  • WHSMS reporting mechanisms provide an employer with a comprehensive system which when implemented to its full extent offers a level of protection above any other occupational health and safety management system as WHSMS tracks all inputted information and measures the information and performance of the organisation against set objectives and targets.

We are a company who employs in excess of 20 people, are there any cost savings?
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WHSMS is the most affordable OHS management system as you select how many user licenses you require.

If you have more than 20 users we will reduce the cost to you.

Reference should be made to the schedule of fees for costs associated with access to WHSMS where an employer has in excess of 20 users.

  • A user licence is payable on a quarterly or annual basis subject to terms and conditions.

How do we keep track of all the paperwork and do I need to send copies for record keeping?

WHSMS is totally manageable by an organisation's personnel online via your internet browser for the purpose of entering and retrieving information.

You can access all information within WHSMS and have employees input data to our compliant and comprehensive reporting mechanisms from any workplace or location.

What reports can I view

A group administrator you can view and generate occupational health and safety performance reports for the purpose of review and submission to third parties.

  • A group user is assigned individual read and write access to WHSMS reporting mechanisms, permitting a user to report on OHS matters e.g. hazard notification, and view information pertinent to their position of employ within an organisation.

I am a large developer and use several contractors will your system benefit our company?

As a developer or a principal contractor engaged within the construction and building industry, you have the duty to ensure all contractors and their personnel comply with the statute legislative requirements at a workplace where the organisation conducts its business undertaking.

  • WHSMS incorporates purchasing control measures and specific control measures relating to the engagement of contractors as well as suppliers, designers, etc;
  • WHSMS prescribes the method by which a contractor shall be engaged at a workplace where an organisation conducts or intends to conduct its business undertaking, whilst ensuring that the organisation complies with its duty of care;
  • WHSMS enables you to record specific informational data to measure a contractors occupational health and safety performance against set objectives and targets.

My company only uses labour hire personnel, do I need to use your system or do I need to inform the labour hire company?

No you do not have to use WHSMS.

  • You do however have a duty of care to ensure that any person who undertakes or performs work for and on behalf of your organisation at your instruction, are provided with the necessary and relevant information, instruction, training and supervision in the performance of a work related task and/or activity.

Further Information

Should you have any questions in relation to WHSMS you are welcome to forward your request to admin@workplacehealthandsafety.com.au and we shall respond to you accordingly.


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