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Safe work method statement - Forklift truck - Slinging and lifting of loads

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Slinging and lifting of loads

A forklift truck is capable of lifting loads in the pick and carry mode when fitted with a lifting attachment.

  • A lifting attachment having a specified SWL or WLL is to be engineer certified and designed to an applicable engineering design standard.
  • Lifting gear and slings shall be of an approved type e.g. SWL, grade, classification, etc.


Tasks associated with the lifting of loads in the pick and carry mode when a forklift is fitted with a lifting attachment include:

  • Operation of forklift with a lifting attachment in pick and carry mode;
  • Pre-operational inspection to ensure forklift truck is safe to use;
  • Calculate mass of load to ensure it is within rated capacity of forklift;
  • Rigging and slinging of a load where a lifting attachment is used;
  • Inspection of a work area for hazards and obstructions;
  • Ability to interpret a load-rating chart and determine safe capabilities of a forklift;
  • Assessment of work environment for hazards and risks;
  • Housekeeping of a workplace e.g. storage areas;
  • Conduct a hazard identification of the immediate work area;
  • Assess risk to persons within the immediate area of operation;
  • Administrative reporting of faults and damage to a forklift truck.

Safety procedure includes

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Control measures

Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of death or injury to persons are addressed in the safe work method statement as per the following sections.

  • Consultation with employees.
  • Generation of hazards.
  • Operation of forklift truck in the pick and carry mode fitted with a lifting attachment.
  • Interpreting a load-rating chart for a forklift.
  • Miscommunication between forklift operator and other personnel.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Training requirements.
  • Housekeeping of a workplace.
  • Failure to monitor controls.
  • Risk matrix and descriptors.
  • Additional hazards, risks and controls.
  • Approval and change management form.
  • Sign-off for the slinging and lifting of loads with a forklift truck.

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