Safe Work Method Statements

Don't worry about how to write a SWMS for high risk construction work activities.

As a WHS user, you can access a SWMS template for a high risk construction work activity, or we can write a SWMS for you.

Blockwork SWMS

Electrical SWMS

Asbestos SWMS

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Formwork SWMS

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Bricklaying SWMS

Concreting SWMS

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Carpentry SWMS

Tiling SWMS

Excavation SWMS

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Excavation Work

Steel Framing SWMS

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Safe Work Method Statement

What is a SWMS?

Safe work method statement or SWMS is the term given to a legal document required by WHS legislation for high risk construction work.

Purpose of SWMS

Purpose of safe work method statement or SWMS is to set out in a logical sequence the high risk activities of a work task with:

  • Hazards identified

  • Risk assessed

  • Risk controls to ensure worker safety when carrying out high risk construction work

Safe work method statements authored by Workplace Health and Safety for HRCW address:

  • WHS legislative requirements

  • The elements of a SWMS (safe work method statement)

  • Control measures per the hierarchy of controls to manage risk

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Safe Work Method Statement SWMS