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Safe work method statement - Motor vehicle - Driving rules

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Driving rules

Statutory authorities establish driving rules applicable to the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

  • Rules and regulations are to be adhered to at all times whilst a person operates a vehicle owned by the organisation.

Statute legislation also defines the different categories and classification of licences applicable to the operation of a specific class of motor vehicle.


Tasks associated with the safe operation of a motor vehicle include:

  • Conduct a pre-operational inspection;
  • Knowledge of road rules applicable to operation of a motor vehicle;
  • Handling and operation of a motor vehicle under varied conditions e.g. rain, hours of darkness, etc;
  • Competency in the mechanical operation a motor vehicle, acceleration, braking, etc;
  • Awareness of other road users.

Safety procedure includes

Operating a motor vehicle - Driving rules

Driving rules safe work method statement is a 13 page document compliant with statute OHS reporting requirements. It identifies known hazards and risks, and outlines the control measures to be implemented to eliminate or minimise the risk of death, injury or illness generated as a result of operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway or carriageway.

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Control measures

Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of death or injury to persons are addressed in the safe work method statement as per the following sections.

  • Consultation with employees.
  • Generation of hazards.
  • Operation of a faulty or defective motor vehicle.
  • Accessing a vehicle for the purpose of operation.
  • Operation of motor vehicle on a public road or carriageway.
  • Merging from the shoulder of a road into a flow of traffic.
  • Operating a motor vehicle within a flow of traffic.
  • Reversing a motor vehicle.
  • Overtaking of motor vehicles on a roadway.
  • Animals on a roadway.
  • Training requirements.
  • Failure to monitor controls.
  • Risk matrix and descriptors.
  • Additional hazards, risks and controls.
  • Approval and change management form.
  • Sign-off for driving rules when operating a motor vehicle.

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