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Safe work method statement - General issues - Unattended business premises

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Attendance of unattended business premises

Persons are required to attend commercial business premises outside of normal hours when they would typically be unattended.


Tasks associated with the attendance of commercial business premises outside of normal hours would include:

  • Attend induction for business premises prior to entry;
  • Attend any training identified in the conduct of a risk assessment undertaken by the owner of the commercial business premises;
  • Conduct pre-entry and exit checks;
  • Deactivation and activation of a security system;
  • Operation of communication systems e.g. emergency;
  • Check for signs of attempted entry to the workplace;
  • Load and unload objects, items, etc at designated collection and delivery areas within a workplace;
  • Attend to emergencies at a workplace e.g. fire, explosion, etc;
  • Assess risk to persons entering unattended commercial business premises.

Safety procedure includes

Unattended business premises safe work method statement

Unattended business premises safe work method statement is a 11 page document compliant with statute OHS reporting requirements. It identifies known hazards and risks, and outlines the control measures to be implemented to eliminate or minimise the risk of death, injury or illness generated as a result of persons having to attend unattended business premises.

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Control measures

Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of death or injury to persons are addressed in the safe work method statement as per the following sections.

  • Consultation with employees.
  • Generation of hazards.
  • Instruction as to controls to be implemented when attending unattended business premises.
  • Controls to be implemented in the event of fire, explosion, criminal activity, etc.
  • Entry to unattended business premises to deliver/collect items.
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Training requirements.
  • Failure to monitor controls.
  • Risk matrix and descriptors.
  • Additional hazards, risks and controls.
  • Approval and change management form.
  • Sign-off for attending unattended business premises.

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