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Safe work method statement - Carpentry - Timber wall cladding

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Cutting/fixing of timber wall cladding

External wall cladding when fixed to the external wall framing of a building or structure provides protection from the elements.

  • Timber cladding materials are cut to a specific length and shape, and fixed to a framework in a progressive manner.


Tasks associated with the cutting and fixing of timber wall cladding include:

  • Planning and preparation for cutting and fixing of timber wall cladding;
  • Measuring and cutting timber wall cladding with a handsaw, electric circular saw or drop saw;
  • Pre-operational inspection of plant used to cut timber wall cladding;
  • Selection of correct cutting blade for plant to cut timber wall cladding;
  • Operation of plant for the cutting of timber wall cladding;
  • Fixing of timber wall cladding;
  • Working at heights when erecting, positioning and fixing timber wall cladding;
  • Ergonomic issues with handling, erection and fixing of timber wall cladding;
  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment;
  • Compliance with specific controls as per a regulation, code of practice;
  • Assess the risk to workers cutting and fixing timber wall cladding.

Safety procedure includes

Timber wall cladding
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Control measures

Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of death, serious injury or illness to workers are addressed in the safe work method statement as per the following sections.

  • Consultation with workers.
  • Generation of hazards.
  • Planning and preparation for cutting and fixing of timber wall cladding to a wall frame.
  • Measuring and marking length of timber cladding to be cut.
  • Use of handsaw to cut a length of timber wall cladding.
  • Cutting of timber wall cladding with a circular saw.
  • Cutting of timber wall cladding with a drop saw.
  • Working with faulty or defective plant.
  • Selection and fitting of correct cutting blade.
  • Guards not fitted or installed to plant.
  • Alteration or modification of plant to cut timber wall cladding.
  • Positioning and fixing of timber wall cladding.
  • Working at heights requiring an EWP, fall arrest system, etc.
  • Controls when handling, decanting or using a hazardous chemical, substance or product.
  • Hazardous manual tasks.
  • Personal protective equipment requirements.
  • Training requirements.
  • Housekeeping requirements.
  • Compliance with specific controls imposed by a regulation or code of practice.
  • Failure to monitor controls.
  • Risk matrix and descriptors.
  • Additional hazards, risks and controls.
  • Approval and change management form.
  • Sign-off for carpentry services - Cutting and fixing of external timber wall cladding.

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