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Employee registration

The onus of proof in a prosecution rests with a regulator to prove that a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) did fail to ensure the health and safety of its worker's.

  • A worker is a person who carry's out, performs or undertakes work at the direction or instruction of a person conducting a business or undertaking, whilst working standard or set hours for financial remuneration, gain, reward or promise.

Defence for OHS matters

You must demonstrate that the occurrence of an event or incident was due to causes over which you as a PCBU had no control, and that you:

  • Adopted and followed a prescribed or stated way, or undertook consultation with workers as to the method or process by which to manage a person's exposure to risk in the performance of a task or activity; and
  • Exercised due diligence and took all reasonable precautions in the undertaking of a safety duty.

Proactive management of workers

OHSMS manages the collection and delivery of information to workers through the creation of a register for each worker, no matter if they are full-time, part-time or casual.

  • A workers OHSMS user level shall determine which group/s within the organisation the person shall be assigned access to.

OHS History reports

History reports can be generated at any level of OHSMS access within a group.

A worker does not have to be a OHSMS user licence holder for you to be able to produce a history report.

  • The generation of a history report for a worker provides a detailed record as to when and what information was communicated to the worker, training completed, etc.

Employee register
Only line management personnel have permission to add and/or remove a person from the employee register.

Completing the employee registration process is easy.

  • You will be asked for the details of each worker. To save time, we recommend that you gather the following information.

Personal details

  • Full name.
  • Attach a photograph for a visual record of the employee.
  • Date of birth.
  • Drivers license number.
  • Residential address.
  • Telephone and mobile numbers.
  • Email address for work.

Employment details

Provide details as to the industry and classification of the employee:

  • Shift arrangement details e.g. starting time, number of hours worked, etc.
  • Payroll ID number.

Emergency contact details

Details of the next of kin e.g. nature of relationship, telephone number and a mobile number.

Group allocation

Employees are then be allocated access to a parent, child-parent, child group as per the WHSMS access level assigned.

Licenses and certificates

Information regarding licenses e.g. forklift truck, rigger, etc obtained by a person are recorded in this section.

  • License type.
  • Number.
  • Place of issue.
  • Date of expiry.

First aid certificate

Details of any first aid qualification held by the employee would include:

  • Level of qualification, date and place it was obtained.
  • Date of expiry.

Health and safety induction

Details of any health and safety induction training completed by the employee would include:

  • Type of induction training e.g. general or specific induction, date and place it was obtained.
  • Date of expiry.
  • Name of the person or organisation that conducted the training.


As part of the verification process you will be asked to confirm the details of the employee as being true and correct.

Provide your family and given names and your position within the organisation.


Registration complete

Where all details are provided, the employee shall be assigned the required access to the nominated group/s.

  • A record of the employee register shall be created and stored on the OHSMS database.
  • If the form is returned after being submitted, you have not completed a mandatory field. You must complete those fields highlighted in red before moving to the next phase of the registration process.

Multiple employee registration
You can continue to add employees in the set-up process or you can add additional employee at a later stage.


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