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Compliant OHS reporting

OHSMS monitors the occupational health and safety performance of any size workforce or workplace in real time.

  • OHSMS incorporates analytical reporting mechanisms that exceed legislative requirements and are court compliant.

Protection from litigation

A proactive approach with regard the identification, recording and reporting of occupational health and safety matters and issues at a workplace having the potential to cause harm to persons is paramount to avoid the potential of prosecution by a regulator or litigious action by a third party.

  • Reporting mechanisms are built to comply with and exceed Australian Standards reporting requirements.

Time management

OHSMS is time efficient when it comes to the collection of information and completion of reporting mechanisms.

  • OHSMS reporting mechanisms addresses the questions that need to be asked.
  • To further reduce time we took the initiative to incorporate Australian Standard compliant selection menus to provide you with an array of answers to choose from.

Collection of information

OHSMS reporting mechanisms have been prepared in a user-friendly format whilst dealing with the matter or issue in an investigative manner.

  • This approach ensures that all key information is collected at the time of an investigation, conduct of inspection, etc.

Establish the facts
The purpose of reporting and/or recording of information in relation to occupational health and safety matters/issues is to establish the facts of the matter or issue to which the report relates.

  • OHSMS reporting mechanisms incorporate and identify the method as to how a person should conduct an investigation to ensure vital evidence, information, data, etc is collected as a means of establishing the facts relevant to a matter or issue.

Collection of evidence
Evidence in the form of a video, audio, document file can be attached to a OHSMS report and never be lost.

  • Workers can take a photo on their mobile phone, attach it to a hazard notification report, submit it and instantly line management can implement action to control the hazard.


Information and data pertaining to an occupational health and safety matter and/or issue recorded on a OHSMS reporting mechanism is retained in the OHSMS database.

  • The security in OHSMS ensures that your records can only be seen and retrieved by users assigned to your account.
  • Each report has its own unique read and write access levels assigned. This means users only have access to what they need.

Printing of reports

The submission of a OHSMS report generates a PDF copy of the report to all nominated email recipients.

  • OHSMS reporting mechanisms can be printed as a checklist for field inspections and reporting.


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