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Protection from litigation

Every employer as a person conducting a business or undertaking knows that if you get work health and safety right, you have an efficient and happy workforce. But if you get it wrong - you can potentially end up in court with a bunch of legal problems.

  • You could get sued. You could get prosecuted.
  • This could result in fines or jail terms, as work health and safety legislation provides for directors, officers and individuals to be fined and imprisoned.

But thankfully, by using OHSMS as your workplace health and safety management tool, you can help protect yourself from litigation.

Effective recordkeeping

OHSMS makes it easy for you to keep detailed records about any workplace incident. You can attach video, images, audio files and written files with any incident - giving you records that will stand up in court.

  • The system is adaptable to any industry, with minimal set-up needed.

Easy access to OHS data and information

Our comprehensive search engine means that you can quickly locate the information you want - even if you have thousands of records. You can easily find historical data, which activities were assigned to which person, as well as run customised reports.

  • You assign users the level of permissions you want them to have. You can control what they have read or write access to, what reports they can generate, and who they can assign tasks to.

Real-time updates

Paper-based and CD-ROM type systems may be current when they are published, but how do you know they are now? If you aren't following the right rules, you could get into serious legal trouble.

  • OHSMS offers real-time updates based on industry standards and regulations - meaning that you always access the correct information.

Even if you are thinking of expanding your business to a different state, mo problems OHSMS complies.

Secure, safe, reliable
Don't risk keeping your valuable records on paper. What if there is a fire, if your records are lost or destroyed? How could you prove how an incident was managed if your records are no longer there?

  • OHSMS uses a secure server system and database that is backed up and accessible 24/7. It's peace of mind for you, and lets you focus on your business rather than technology.


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