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WHSMS organiser empowers an employer to proactively manage safety at a workplace or any number of workplaces where it conducts a business or undertaking.

  • Organiser is not just a personal diary for each user. It is an essential tool in the administrative management of occupational health and safety.

Benefits of Organiser

Communication with employees has never been easier.

Organiser communicates essential information to employees, contractors, suppliers, etc in real time.

Minimise interruption

Reduce downtime and absenteeism by keeping your workforce informed on safety matters such as:

  • Action required to eliminate or minimise a person's exposure to a hazard.
  • Schedule inspection of workplaces and plant.
  • Risk assessment required for a task or activity.
  • Training. Notify persons of training courses, etc.
  • Emergency and fire evacuation drills.
  • Toolbox talk meetings.
  • Safety committee meetings.
  • Test and tagging of electrical equipment.
  • And more.

How does it work?

Every WHSMS user has access to the organiser for the group/s to which they are assigned access too.

A user selects a given date and time for the notification or reminder.

  • A window appears select the appropriate diary category, select the required date and time, enter a message and select persons or groups that you want to be notified of the event.

Notification of event

Messages can be sent to individual users, broadcast to entire workforce or to a select group of persons e.g. forklift operators notifying of refresher training course on a specific date and time.

You can schedule when users are to be notified of an event and you can do it so by:

  • Login; or
  • Email; or
  • Login and email.

Can you communicate with your employees on a daily basis and do all that WHSMS can do for your business for the such a low cost.


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