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Safe work method statement - Excavator - Loading and unloading

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Loading/unloading of excavator

Excavators are typically transported between workplaces on a truck body, trailer or low loader, requiring a person to either load or unload an excavator utilizing access ramps or other means.

Factors an operator should consider when loading or unloading an excavator:

  • Position of vehicle, trailer or low loader to excavator.
  • Load capability of ramps for mass weight of excavator.
  • Location of recently backfilled trenches.
  • Etc.
Hazards and risks

Hazards associated with the loading and unloading of an excavator from a truck, trailer or low loader, would include but not be limited to:

  • Unanticipated movement of excavator during loading/unloading operations potentially exposes persons to risk of death or serious injury and damage to plant should an excavator roll off the ramps.
  • Environmental factors e.g. gradient of surface, overhead services, etc are potential hazards that may result in death or injury to multiple persons, damage to plant and property.
  • Operation of excavator on public roadway without necessary controls may result in death or injury to multiple persons, damage to property.
  • Etc.

Safety procedure includes

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Control measures

Control measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of death, injury or illness to persons are addressed in the safe work method statement as per the following sections.

  • Consultation with employees.
  • Generation of hazards through loading and unloading of an excavator.
  • Loading and unloading of an excavator.
  • Towing and retrieval of an excavator.
  • Movement of excavator on roadway or street.
  • Manual handling requirements.
  • Personal protective equipment requirements.
  • Training requirements.
  • Housekeeping requirements.
  • Failure to monitor controls.
  • Risk matrix and descriptors.
  • Additional hazards, risks and controls form.
  • Approval and change management form.
  • Sign-off form - Loading and unloading of excavator.

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